MissMollyMusic LLC, Music Publishing Company

  • Protect Songwriters and Composers.
  • Proactively Pursue Placement in all Media.

MissMollyMusic, LLC Record Label

  • Fabulously Independent!

Wolf Den Recording Studio

  • Fully Equipped Back Line
  • P.A. System
  • 24 Track Digital Recording
  • AKG 3500 Mics
  • Shure 58
  • C.A.D. Drum Mics

Booking Music for All Occasions.    

  • Brother Tyrone and the Mindbenders- Blues, Soul
  • The Might Men Featuring Walter Wolf Man Washington- Funk, R&B
  • Jack Cruz and Friends- Rock, Fusion, Soul
  • JC and the Blue Lunch Band- R&B, Jazz, Rockin’ Soul
  • Irene Sage- Rock, Funky Soul
  • Joy Owens and The Queen of Joy Band- Gospel, Soul, Fun

Stellular Sounds

  • Sound for Parties, Weddings, Club Dates, and Special Events.
  • Yamaha 5000 Board
  • JBL Speaker System

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